What is a “Tauntism?”

  • “Taunt-” refers to ‘stuff’ collected by me, Greg Taunt.
  • “-ism” refers to taking action or putting something into practice.
So, a “Tauntism” is quote, saying, story, etc. – something, that I hope will inspire you to take action, change a habit or begin a new practice.

Inspiration begins with an idea – as you think, so you live.

Why Tauntisms?
It’s easy for us to “drift” or allow our lives to go “off course.” Often, we feel like our life doesn’t have any meaning or we fall into a rut. Step back and take a look at some Tauntisms. Recharge your batteries and recognize that life is much more than just existing.
My hope is that Tauntisms.com will help all of us refocus, recharge, and remember there is a purpose for our lives, even if we question it or don’t realize it at the moment.
“Help me to accomplish the purpose of my journey.” Genesis 24:12, A servant’s prayer



Tauntisms.com has been known by other website names in the past – IntenseLiving.com and InNotOf.com, but the goal remains the same…


Special Thanks to: Mr. Alva Hazell for creating our “Ice on Fire” logo for IntenseLiving.com.

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