The Ticket to Heaven

Thanks to my 1999 Senior High Sunday School class for helping me put this together:
Chad, Dean, Jared, Israel, Elizabeth, Teresa, Tara, Erin, Sarah, Jodie, Scott, Rachel, and Kenny.

Creating the Ticket

Step 1

The Ticket to Heaven is an interesting but simple item telling the story of Christian salvation. You fold an 8 1/2″ by 11″ piece of paper into the shape as demonstrated on the left hand side of this page. A person then makes two cuts with a pair of scissors and ends up with two separate ‘figures.’ One ‘figure’ is that of a cross. The other ‘figure’ is a set of paper pieces that can be put together to spell the word ‘HELL,’ or the word ‘LOVE,’ when pieced together. There are several stories that can go along with this paper fold. It can be used as a witnessing tool or as a way of illustrating Christ’s love for the world. My Sunday School class, from Hillcrest Baptist Church in Lebanon, MO, came up with some great ideas for stories. Please feel free to use them, change them, and adapt them to fit your own situation. Also, please send me your own stories and testimonies to me and I’ll include them here for all to read and use. Be sure to practice making the ticket before trying to use it in a teaching situation. 🙂

The simple steps for creating the Ticket are found on the left hand side of the screen (The blue lines represent folds and the white area represents the actual paper). After making the two cuts, the cross is created by unfolding the single piece completely. The words are formed by unfolding the left over scraps and piecing them together into letters. You should get something like this:


Be creative and remember to always focus on the love Christ showed for us by dying on the cross.

The Basic Story:

  • There was once two friends. One was saved and allowed the Lord to work in his life (Tony). The other young man did not know Jesus personally (Craig). One day, Craig really began to notice that Tony was different. He didn’t easily get bent out of shape when things went wrong, he didn’t cuss and put people down, and he always brought a smile to someone’s face when they were down. Craig asked Tony how he did it. Tony told him about Jesus Christ and how Jesus had come into his life and made the difference. Tony also showed him a peculiar looking piece of paper. “This is my ticket to heaven,” Tony said. “It reminds of how Christ gave His life for me and how I should now live my life for Him.” “That’s cool,” Craig said, “But I’m not sure I want Christ in my life yet. Could I have part of your ticket to heaven?”Tony hesitated. “Craig, each person has to have their own ticket. Each person has to have their own relationship with Christ.” Tony replied, “Yeah, I understand. I just wanted to try a little bit and see if it made a difference.” Tony thought again and decided to share part of his ticket with Craig. (Make Cut 1)
  • Time passed and the two boys were together again and Tony asked Craig if he had thought more about getting his own ticket to heaven. “Yeah, I’ve thought about it,” Craig said, “but haven’t made a final decision. Could I please have another piece of yours?” Tony again shared Christ with Tony. (Make Cut 2)
  • Time went on and one night, as they were heading home together from a football game, they were involved in a terrible car accident and both of them died instantly. Tony stood silently before the Lord. The Lord reached out and took his ticket to heaven and unfolded it (forming a cross).
  • “Well done my son,” the Lord said, “Enter in to your eternal home.” Craig stood silently before the Lord. The Lord reached out and took his ticket to heaven. The Lord pieced it together (forming the word HELL) and said, “You, I never knew. You must go to the place prepared for the devil and his followers.” You see, it’s not enough to use someone else’s ticket to heaven. We each must have our own ticket and our own personal relationship with Christ.


Points to Focus On:

  • Sharing Christ is important, but people have to realize that they have to make their own decision to follow the Lord. We can’t make it for them.
  • When sharing, we must be genuine. If we are just trying to ‘check a box’ by sharing the love of Christ, it will be obvious and ineffective.
  • You could spell out LOVE first (representing what God has for us), but then spell HELL indicating that because of our choices and denial of His love, hell is the choice we make if we deny Christ.
  • We never know when our life will end so make the right choice now.
  • There is no power in having the ticket to heaven. The power comes from knowing Christ personally and allowing Him to be in charge of your life.
  • Be sure to use God’s Word when presenting this. God’s Word will make the difference.


Other Ideas:

  • Luke 15:27 – “And you cannot be my disciple if you do not carry your own cross and follow me.”
  • (As you explain this part, fold the paper) A man’s life is folded by his sin– and we’re all afflicted by sin. (List some sins or have your class do so as you fold) This man was introduced to Christ and decided to ask Jesus to come into his life. When Jesus came in, He trimmed away the sin in his life through His own sacrifice and forgivess. When the man died, he appeared before God and the Lord showed him that because he accepted the gift of forgiveness from Christ and had a personal relationship with Him, he would spend eternity in heaven (represented by the unfolded cross) and didn’t have to go to hell (HELL– what Christ trimmed away).
  • After spelling out ‘HELL’ with the pieces, you can rearrange them into the word ‘LOVE’ explaining how when we ask Christ to come into our lives, His sacrifice on the cross transforms ‘HELL’ into ‘LOVE.’


Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Finished Ticket
Ticket Cuts
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