Words to Inspire, Encourage and Fuel the Flame…

Everyone has a flame inside – something that energizes them, something that causes them to do what they do, something they are passionate about. Tauntisms is about fueling the flame inside others and not trying to stomp it out.

I believe there is a major drought of inspiration and encouragement in our world today. Instead of listening to and learning from each other, many people seem to be more interested in shouting each other down and relying on assumptions and labels that may or may not be true.

Words are powerful and have an affect on other people. Tauntisms.com exists to encourage you with powerful words and inspire you on your life’s journey. Please use them and share them!

What is a Tauntism?

  • “Taunt-” refers to me, Greg Taunt. I’ve been collecting these ‘words’ for over 35 years now.
  • “-ism” refers to taking action or putting something into practice.

So, a “Tauntism” is a quote, saying, story, list, etc. – words to live by, that I hope will encourage and inspire people to take action, change or begin a habit, and positively make a difference in someone’s life.

Inspiration begins with an idea – As you think, so you live.

Why Tauntisms?

It’s easy for us to “drift” or allow our lives to go “off course.” Often, we feel like our life doesn’t have any meaning or we fall into a rut. Step back and take a look at some Tauntisms. Recharge your batteries and recognize that life is much more than just existing. Then, share one with someone else who needs to be encouraged.
My hope is that Tauntisms.com will help all of us refocus, recharge, and remember there is a purpose for our lives, even if we question it or don’t realize it at the moment.

“Help me to accomplish the purpose of my journey.”

Genesis 24:12, A servant’s prayer (from the Living Bible)


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Tauntisms.com has been known by other website names in the past – IntenseLiving.com and InNotOf.com, but the goal has always been the same…

Special Thanks to: Mr. Alva Hazell for creating our “Ice on Fire” logo for IntenseLiving.com.

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