Consider this point of view: you are responsible not only for what you say but for how it was received. No one expects this of you, but it is high standard you can set for yourself.

Being easy to work with is part of building trust. Reflecting on these questions will help you identify where you might improve:

  • What conversations do people associate with you?
  • Do you lean toward speaking first or listening?
  • Do people feel that you are truly interested in them?


Think about mistakes you might be making that can detract from someone’s experience of being with you, such as:

  • Hijacking every conversation, having it be about you.
  • Speaking more often or longer than people can tolerate.
  • Making negative comments about someone who is not present.


The goal is to speak and listen in a way that has people looking forward to spending time with you, in a way that leads to trust and respect.

 – Paul Axwell

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