The average American will have three to five careers, 10 to 12 jobs and will hold each job for an average of 3.5 years through out his or her lifetime. These figures we have collected from the U.S. Department of Labor. After a positive response to his 1999 study linking snack foods to distinct personality traits, Dr. Hirsch extended his study to reveal that savory snacks can also help determine an appropriate career. More than 18,000 adult volunteers across thirty-five occupations were surveyed to determine the correlation between their occupation and their favorite snack food.

Potato Chips: Chip lovers are ambitious and successful. If you crave potato chips, you should be a lawyer, tennis pro, police officer, CEO; they are competitive and have high expectations, not only of themselves, but of those around them. Competitive in business, sports and social situations.

Pretzels: firefighter, journalist, flight attendant, veterinarian or pediatrician. Lively and energetic, those who crave pretzels seek novelty and easily become bored by routine. They make decisions based on intuition and emotion, especially in romantic relationships.

Tortilla Chips: farmer, travel agent, chef, clergy or news reader; they are perfectionists who are also humanitarians. Sticklers for punctuality, you will rarely see a tortilla eater late for an appointment.

Cheese Curls: real estate agent, psychiatrist or producer. Formal, always proper, conscientious and principled, people who crave this have a highly developed sense of integrity and maintain the moral high ground with their family, co-workers and romantic partners. They plan ahead for any possible catastrophe. With first aid kits and batteries, the cheese curl lover’s house is always stocked and ready.

Popcorn: teacher, artist, truck driver, nurse, judge or neurosurgeon. They are self-assured and confident, those who prefer popcorn are best described as “take charge sort of people.” A popcorn enthusiast will not hesitate to assume extra work on the job or take on extra duties at social gatherings. Even though they are self confident, popcorn lovers are modest and humble, and would never be considered show-offs.

Nuts: plumber, architect, sanitation worker, cardiologist or politician. Those who prefer nuts tend to be easygoing, empathic and understanding. When confronted with an emotionally charged situation, they can be counted on to keep calm and not join the fray, allowing time for the emotional upheaval to pass. Their even handed nature makes them well suited for dealing with the public during emergency situations. While nut aficionados may not always be leaders, it is their demeanor and assistance that
allows the family or workplace to succeed.

Snack Crackers: stockbroker or professional race car driver. Snack cracker devotees tend to be contemplative and thoughtful, and base their decisions on solid reasoning instead of their emotions. They value their private time and are most creative when allowed to be alone, free from daily responsibilities and interruptions.

Meat Snacks: dentist or bartender. Those who crave a satisfying stick of beef jerky or a mouth-watering bag of pork rinds are the life of the party. Gregarious and social, meat snack lovers are at their best amidst the company of others. They are loyal and true friends who can always be trusted, and will make extraordinary self-sacrifices to please others.

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